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This ride-sharing enterprise has around 7,000 employees. Helios helped this enterprise build up their reimbursement credit management, shortening the reimbursement cycle by leaps, urging employees to initiate standardised reimbursement behaviours through analysing and influencing. With it’s quick launch, Helios helped this enterprise regulate reimbursement rules and optimise processes, improving the efficiency and experience of the overall process.



There are four main challenges for this furnishing enterprise. One of the main challenges is to deploy the Helios public cloud and the Hand private cloud of expense control and to connect the financial system with local deploy. The second challenge to overcome is the use of different reimbursement sheets for the various subsidiary companies within this furnishing enterprise. Third, there is no real-time calculation of complex expense control regulation, and the last challenge is mapping of financial account codes of multiple legal entities.


Employees can make use of leisure time to report reimbursements, and managers can approve the reports at any time as the Helios system can be used as a mobile app. The authenticity and accuracy of data is ensured by the automated notification of expense details. The completion of reimbursement sheets using the mobile app is much less time consuming for employees because the automated balancing and checking is already provided by TMC suppliers. Data circulation between multiple systems helps to unite billing processes, thereby reducing redundancies and the workload of accountants.


This furnishing enterprise has around 15,000 employees. The outdated paper reimbursement sheets failed to meet the demand of expense control. To thoroughly change the situation that financial policy failed to implement at the user end, this furnishing company adopted Helios as its reimbursement platform and Hand…


Hand has 8,000 employees who produce more than 20,000 reimbursement sheets. This was a huge verifying workload for the accountants. By adopting the Helios system, Hand made its expenses more transparent and its processing of claims more convenient…

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