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Product Introduction


Accounts Payable for SAP Solutions

Accounts Payable for SAP Solutions is the efficient solution for digital invoice processing directly in SAP®. Paper invoices or invoices received electronically are processed in a uniform, transparent process. The scanning of paper documents and the automatic recognition of invoice contents represent the beginning of the overall process. The same is true for the processing of electronic incoming invoices in various standardized formats. After the transmission of the incoming invoice to SAP®, it is automatically processed as far as possible. The invoice documents are archived revision-proof across all processing steps and are available with a click at any time. The SAP®-based invoice ledger supports accounting clerks in their daily actions, and comprehensive key process data serve the long-term process optimization. A web-based approval mask is available to auditors and budget managers, who can also use it via smartphone or tablet, if necessary.

Advantages of incoming invoice processing in SAP®

Today, fast month-end and year-end closings, especially close to the period, are practically standard requirements for financial accounting. Maintaining compliance guidelines and concrete figures for cash flow planning are also not ensured in a paper-based process. Employees often verify order-related invoices manually, in spite of previously successful order requests and order processes, even when correct receiving transactions are present. Invoices which are in the processing workflow are often subject to long transport and wait times. Last but not least, verification and approval processes demand time and effort, especially for paper-based processes. This is a thing of the past with the incoming invoice in SAP®.

The consequences are missed payment deadlines and the loss of discount options. Over and over again, invoices are lost and cannot be found due to inadequate process transparency and consequence. Also, no better: companies initiate the process for an invoice multiple times and may even pay twice. And if the financial accounting department works as a shared service center for several companies, an electronic solution such as incoming invoice in SAP® is almost indispensable.

Mobile invoice approvals accelerate approval processes

Protracted approval processes are a consistent problem. The integrated processor location in the incoming invoice processing in SAP® takes issued approvals into account, thus reducing the workload for the approvers. Mobile work is supported. Approvals can be made conveniently on the desktop, smartphone, or tablet – with user-friendly interfaces in SAP® Fiori®/HTML5. That’s how user-friendly the incoming invoice processing in SAP® is.

The incoming invoice process begins with the standard processing of incoming invoices from a variety of channels: analog paper invoices are scanned and digital incoming invoices are automatically transmitted to the next processing step: for example, PDF invoices which arrive by email or are already in the ZUGFeRD or EDI format. ZUGFeRD-2.0 and XRechnung are, of course, available.

All invoice documents are archived revision-proof across all processing steps and are always available with a click – legally secure but still easy for the user.

Speed and efficiency

Profitability and shared service

Format variety



Potentials of the SAP® incoming invoice solution


Automation & high recognition rates

Whether incoming invoices are analog on paper or digital, the automatic extraction of the header and item data takes place after they arrive. That is followed by validation by an accounting clerk. The system learns both actions in the background and automatically uses the learned knowledge in the next invoices. That permanently increases the automatic recognition over the course of the period of use and reduces the manual effort of validation.

Easy approvals

The solution enters all incoming invoices in a central, SAP®-based invoice ledger. From there, the processing status of all invoices can be tracked on the one hand and on the other certain documents can be searched (for example, at the request of suppliers). EASY Accounts Payable for SAP Solutions provides an active escalation management (reminders of discount periods).

Shorten cycle times

Thanks to automated workflows, you will experience drastic reductions in the cycle times of incoming invoices in SAP®. If time is money, then you can expect savings of up to 50 percent here.

Integration in the purchasing process

EASY Accounts Payable for SAP Solutions is a component of the extensive EASY for SAP Solutions Suite, which also reproduces and integrates adjacent processes in SAP®. Thus, all of a company’s contracts can be managed with EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions and elegantly integrated into the incoming invoice process. Furthermore, complete purchasing processes can be better reproduced with EASY Procurement Management for SAP Solutions than in the standard SAP® and also linked to the EASY Invoice Management for SAP Solutions. In short, in this way complete processes from order request to billing and the entire document flow in SAP® can be provided in a central view in a user-friendly way.

Flexible & expandable

Modular: Use the EASY Accounts Payable for SAP Solutions with your own archive or as Software as a Service (SaaS) from EASY in the Cloud; it can be expanded with adjacent processes based on the EASY for SAP Solutions Suite.

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