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IT Innovations to Scale Your

E-commerce Business

With HAND E-commerce Team

From Amazon/eBay/Magento/Shopify integrations
to Order Management
to Warehouse & Shipping

to RMA


We Drive IT Scalability for Your eCommerce Business



  1. How do I make our website faster for shoppers?

  2. How do I connect to all my channels?

  3. How do I consolidate orders with the ERP systems?

  4. How do I provide real-time inventory information?

  5. How do I get to customers fast while save on shipping?

  6. How do I set up a light-weight ERP for US distribution?

Common concerns of eCommerce
business owners:


Results Driven

We don’t do anything that doesn’t have measurable business and operating benefits


Deep Experience

We have extensive experience of implementing eCommerce systems for customers of different sizes and industries


Flexible & Scalable

We adapt our solutions to your existing IT architecture and evolve as your business scales

Our Customers and Partners

Online Shopping
Plug and Play Channel Integrations

Connect to multiple platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento and unify the orders
Online Shopping
Automate Tracking and Consolidation with ERP
ERP Integrations, upgrades, and new implementation to support the business growth
Receiving a parcel
Warehouse Management System

Handle high-volume orders and manage inventories with multiple warehouses
Person Checking Data
Master Data Management

Manage master data of products, customers, and suppliers
Opening a Package
Order Management

End-to-end order management from receiving order to routing to fulfillment and to ERP financial reconciliation
Delivery Guy
Ensure Delivery Time & Optimize Shipping Rates

Integrate with multiple carriers and optimization algorithm to get the best shipping rate discount
New York Sea Port
Cross-border eCommerce

A light-weight solution for order management and financial that integrate with the headquarters’ ERP.
Financial Report
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics across multiple systems to provide 360-degree view of your eCommerce business
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