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WMS:warehouse management system 

Clinets & Industries served

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WMS Provide Service to:

30+ million consumer Household

Big Box retailers

Distributors & other 3rd parties

Why WMS:

  1. Superior Technology

  2. Smart Supply Chains

  3. Faster Executions


How Does WMS help improve work efficiency ?

  • Real Time Inventory

  • Advanced Tracking & Allocation

  • EDI and API Capable

  • Single System,Nationwide

  • 24/7  Cloud Access


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How does WMS reshape commerce ?

  • In 2020, we have experienced over 100% growth in E-Commerce

  • Retail Sales Flat 

  • Changing US Consumer

  • Landscape: Unis is focused on mastering E-commerce Capability

  • Unis has connected our systems to most major retailers and shopping carts

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