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Strategic partnership between HAND Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd. and TIS

~Collaboration on professional services to expand ERP-related businesses~ HAND Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd. (headquarters: Shanghai, China, representative: Dean Chen, Chairman. Hereafter: HAND), a leading service provider for IT Professional Services in China and other Asian countries, and TIS Inc. of TIS INTEC Group (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Toru Kuwano, Hereafter: TIS), are pleased to announce that a collaboration agreement has been concluded to expand ERP and other IT services in Asia.

HAND is one of the leading companies in China's information services industry with extensive SAP and Oracle's ERP experiences. In particular, HAND has a large pool of ERP consultants and technical experts who can play an active role in a global market, and HAND has contributed to the information system of Chinese companies and Japanese companies expanding into China by making full use of advanced ERP technology.

In this collaboration, TIS and HAND will share the management and professional resources, such as customer networks, overseas bases, human resources, and intellectual property, to expand the scale of existing businesses, while promoting the construction of Optimal ERP and related IT services associated with the overseas expansion of Japanese companies. With the collaboration, TIS and HAND aim to become Asia's No.1 business alliance in the ERP business. Collaboration in business areas such as IoT, AI, and blockchain will also be promoted in the future.

■ Background.

According to surveys of IT-related the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Trade and Industry in 2016, there will be a shortage of approximately 170,000 IT personnel in Japan as of 2015, and the shortage is expected to increase to about 590,000 by 2030.

On the other hand, the desire to invest in system development in the ERP area in Japan is expected to continue at a high level. In addition, strong needs for information system services are expected to continue against the backdrop of high economic growth rates in Asia, and how to compensate for the shortage of human resources in this area will become a challenge in the future.

Therefore, TIS will collaborate with HAND to expand its ERP business by expanding its IT Professional Services in Asia and creating synergies of IT technology possessed by both companies.

■ Overview of collaboration

Collaboration activities between HAND and TIS:

1. By leveraging TIS's extensive knowledge and Hand's extensive global project promotion, we are confident to provide an optimal experience on ERP implementation and other IT-related services to the customers.

2. In addition to maintaining the partnership with HAND in overseas development, this collaboration is expanded to consulting services for upstream processes and human resources, in response to the potential growth of ERP business expansion.

3. to promote a joint development of new services and tools, with sharing ERP knowledge that TIS and HAND have.

TIS Inc., a member of the TIS INTEC Group, provides several IT solution services including entrusted development, data center and cloud services. At the same time, TIS is contributing to the growth of its customers business, a client base of more than 3,000 customers from various industries, such as financial services, manufacturing, logistics/distribution, public services and telecommunications, by being their technology partner and offering global support to companies with a presence mainly in China and the ASEAN region. For more information about TIS, please go to

<About TIS Group>

The TIS INTEC Group with 20,000 employees, make use of its strengths to provide IT services in support of business for numerous domestic and foreign customers in such areas as finance, manufacturing, services or public organizations. As a mover that utilizes digital technology, we will bring the future to light in full color.

<HAND Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd.>

HAND was established in 1996 as the first ERP consulting firm in China. With more than 10,000 employees, it is an IT professional services company serving more than 6,000 customers in the electronics, automotive, machinery, aviation, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, telecommunications, insurance, financial services, and e-commerce industries.

In 2011, HAND has become the first IT professional services company in China to be listed in Shenzhen Stock Market (SC: 300170). Please refer to the following URL for details:

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※ Note: The information provided is current as of the date of publication. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.

【Inquiries regarding this matter】

◆Contact information from the press

Yuan Jingfang

Marketing Director, HAND China

TEL: +86 13564224000


◆Contact information regarding this matter

Zhao Shen

Vice President, HAND Japan

TEL: +81 8035848137

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