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SAP Sapphire 2024 Conference: HAND Enterprise Solutions Wins Dual Honors

The 2024 SAP Sapphire conference was full of valuable insights and spectacular moments. Industry giants such as NVIDIA, Apple, and AWS all lent their support, and a clear roadmap for the future of SAP Business AI was unveiled, promising great potential. Under the leadership of Dr. Huang, SAP Global Executive Vice President and President of SAP Greater China, for the first time, numerous IT service companies from China attended as a group, marking a significant step towards the global expansion of Chinese IT services.

We are grateful for the support from all colleagues at SAP and the dedicated efforts of the HAND SAP team. At this conference, HAND Enterprise Solutions, as the only IT service company from China, was awarded the SAP Pinnacle Awards by SAP Global CEO Christian Klein and also received the SAP Best Cloud Business Partner Platinum Award from Dr. Huang, President of SAP Greater China. Double congratulations! We wish HAND Enterprise Solutions continued success and growth in its SAP business in 2024, with a thriving stock performance!

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