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Good News! [Hand & CIE SAP S4 HANA] The Cloud ERP project in Europe is officially kicked off!

The COVID-19 outbreak in Europe can not stop the progress of HAND. CIE Golde Group is the world's leading sunroof supplier. As a CIE Automotive group company, doing manufacturing and sales in 10 different countries (USA, Mexico, Germany, Slovak Republic, Romania, China, India, South Africa, Netherlands, France). The SAP S4 HANA Cloud ERP project covers four continents in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Africa, covering 20 places in 10 countries. With SAP Cloud's intelligent tools, CIE can make full the use of latest technology to empower themself to improve overall information management efficiency, which is of great significance to the global informatization of CIE skylight business.

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